& # 39; Fraud has intercepted my e-mails and stole £ 58,599 – now my bank is not helping & # 39;

we running a small business that, in addition to selling in the UK and Ireland, also does business with China. Our contact in China is someone who we e-mail daily and hold videoconference calls at least twice a week.

Last autumn we received an e-mail that claimed that there was a problem with the e-mails and asked us to use her private e-mail address.

We saw no problem and sent her a few technical questions, which were answered properly – we assumed her.

PR, Scotland

Without your knowledge, your business partner has also received an e-mail. Hers claimed that you had e-mail problems. So she now also sent e-mails to a rogue personal address.

Spookily, in the …

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