Are these the best snacks in the world? Doritos & # 39; loaded & # 39; nacho & # 39; s exist … and fans go wild wild

NACHOS fans, listen, because Doritos Loaded exists – and these chips look like a total game changer.

Think of bite-sized, triangular Doritos, which is filled with melted cheese and covered with crispy crumbs.

    These look incredible

These look incredible

FritoLay's revolutionary snack comes in three different flavors, "Nacho Cheese", "Jalapeno and cheese" and "Cool Ranch" – and all three look equally delicious.

Although the snack has been around for a couple of years (where did it hide?), Fans of the corn cakes get wild on social media, with one tweets: "Take my money" and another revealing that they are "top".

Others take to social media to find out if the snack is available in the UK.

Unfortunately, the company has replied that at the moment they are only available in the US, but the good news is that they will be here soon.

    Unfortunately they are not yet available in the UK

Unfortunately they are not yet available in the UK

"Unfortunately they are not here in the UK, but we let our marketers know that you would like these contributions to be added to the line-up!" They revealed.

One of the fans even pleaded for the company and begged Doritos to bring "loaded to the United Kingdom".

"Need them in our lives !!!" They said.

We will wait …

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