British Airways passengers arrive in Calgary after being stranded in Iqaluit because of smoke event & # 39;

Passengers from a jet of British Airways on their way to Calgary when it was diverted to Iqaluit arrived Thursday at their final destination.

Their original plane, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which departed from London, United Kingdom, landed Wednesday night at Iqaluit airport after experiencing what the airline has a "technical problem & # 39; called. The passengers stayed the night in the capital of Nunavut.

Malvinder Singh – who admitted that he had never heard of Iqaluit prior to the event – said he was happy to arrive safely in Calgary and praised the plane's crew for their actions.

"We all smoke a little bit of smoke.It is clear that when the captain called that we knew there was a problem," Singh said.

"No one screamed or yelled or anything … We really appreciated everything they did. [the crew] went to everyone and they were first class. "

Blake Lough / Global News

The pilot at the control was Capt. Richard Dunn. He said the incident on board was a "smoking event" and called for a precautionary stop in Iqaluit, which was only 160 kilometers away.

"We did not know exactly where the vapors came from," he said. "Suddenly speed becomes a priority.

"It is a combination of doing something efficient, but also fast."

In a statement, British Airways said it would "carry out a thorough inspection of the aircraft."

Once on the ground in Iqaluit many passengers stayed in a nearby military barrack where they had access to cots and meals.

"They were absolutely wonderful – the people [in Iqaluit] were so friendly and helpful, "said passenger Shan Simkins." Check that out of our bucket list! It was not on our bucket list, but we can check it now. "

"The artwork is beautiful, people are nice", added Colin Taylor. "It was good."

On Thursday morning, a second jet arrived from British Airways and the stranded passengers flew to Calgary International Airport, which arrived around 6 PM.

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