drone barista & # 39; s who can see when you need coffee

Would you ever want a drone to just drop hot coffee, just on you … Please excuse me, in your hand?

No? Well, file this under things you did not know you needed. A patent application from IBM – which Watson made, the computer that defeated a human champion "Jeopardy", which we did not know we needed, suggests that it is interested in coffee delivery by drone. The system that Big Blue has in mind is also a smart system that aims to anticipate when someone can use a shot of liquid caffeine.

IBM calls the system "drone delivery of coffee based on a cognitive state of an individual." It would supply coffee by drone to those who, for example, order it at the office. But it would also be equipped with cameras & sensors and sensors that enable face recognition – and which "can recognize certain physical characteristics of a person associated with drowsiness or dizziness."

That means that unless you want an enterprising drone barista to give you a cup of Joe, you can look alive. Staying alert can help in case you have to get out of the way of an errant drone that carries hot liquids.

Kidding. IBM's patent application, which was made public this month, shows that the inventors thought about it. The coffee cup may come in a leak-free bag that is "strong enough to store the coffee in case the coffee accidentally falls out of the drone for delivery."

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The system also mentions robotic coffee machines, so it's not just about delivery. It can also be delicious. And did we mention that the submission also refers to the possibility of supplying alcohol? We will save that for another time.

Of course, some patents never see the light of day, so coffee-carrying drones are on their way to help you wake up. But as IBM continues its plans, the drone barista's can join the air full of drones for parcel delivery, perhaps on the way of floating warehouses.

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