Lego addict ditches at Tesco for almost two decades to become master builder

A supermarket shelf stacker has built his way to a dream job … in Lego.

Life-long Lego addict James Windle beat 1,000 others to land as a master Lego builder at the Lego Discovery Center in Manchester.

James, 34, who still gets given Lego as a Christmas present every year, as a general assistant at Tesco for 18 years.

Now he is one of only 24 master builders in the world – spending his days creating and building Lego masterpieces.

James Windle in his brand new uniform

The Mancunian went through a grueling interview process, including having his designs to a panel of children.

He said: "It's my dream to work with Lego and get something creative. I'm living my best life.

"It 's just awesome – I' m gonna play with Lego all day, get paid for it and see how happy it makes kids and parents.

James has gone from stacking shelves to stacking bricks and meeting colorful characters

"Lego has always been a passion for me since about the age of four.

"I got my first set for Christmas and my Christmas.

"She still buys one for me every Christmas. I just never grew out of it.

The uber-fan has a Lego tattoo

"I've got a Lego tattoo on my arm – it's a mini figure that I can draw on. I can draw a happy or sad face or color it in.

"I like Lego because I want to use my imagination and build whatever I want.

"Now I'm working with Lego it's like I'm a kid in a candy shop, it's so much fun. I have all these ideas running through my head and I can order parts and create. "

Being a Lego addict made James the perfect candidate for the post

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Jenn McDonough from Merlin Entertainments, owner of the Lego Discovery Center, said: "We had thousands of applications for the role – as you can imagine it's incredibly sought-after.

"We chose James because he's absolutely perfect for the job – he's incredibly creative, talented, outgoing and love him, or course."

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