Some of your vanilla ice cream does not actually contain vanilla ice cream

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Vanilla ice cream is not vanilla, it is delicious, but apparently there is no real vanilla.

Although the creamy goodness is loved by many and is a classic ice cream, a new research has shown that we may not eat the real thing.

The first is that more than half of the supermarket ice creams do not contain the traditional ingredients, vanilla, cream and fresh milk.

So what have we eaten all this time?

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The investigation of Which? reveals that only half of the brand-vanilla ice creams sold at 24 supermarkets contain all three ingredients.

Those who do not contain vanilla – a flavoring extracted from an orchid plant – were mostly brand-name products.

Among them were Soft Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream from Asda, Morrisons and Tesco, and Ms. Molly's, sold exclusively at Tesco, as well as the brand Walls Soft Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream.

But do not worry, they do not add anything new to their firsts.

Several products only replaced cream and milk with partially reconstituted dried skimmed milk or whey protein, while the taste of vanilla was often replaced by a general aroma.

Some of the non-dairy ingredients include palm oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil and water.

Can you still call it ice if it does not contain the most important components that we expect?

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Why yes, that is possible.

Although until today (until 2015) everything that was meant with the ice cream label had to contain at least 5% dairy fat and 2.5% milk proteins, something has changed.

The food information regulations changed all that to provide vegans and people who are looking for low-fat options.

Now ice cream must contain 5% dairy fat, some protein from a dairy source and no vegetable fats.

Of course people love the news on social media and they think about all those 99p flakes they used during the heatwave.

It is good that we now get the news that the summer is over.

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