Superdrug face defense against Botox treatment of animal rights groups

S uperdrug faces an opposition from animal rights groups to sell botox injections tested on animals. >> The shopping street indicated that it would offer the injections at one of its stores in London from £ 99, after feedback from thousands of its beauty-conscious customers.

Superdrug, however, has come under strong criticism of animal welfare organizations that emphasize the cruelty that can be involved in animal testing of this type of product.

Barney Reed, Senior Scientific Manager at RSPCA said: "Most people with these injections are unlikely to be aware of the animal that is suffering from testing this type of products, they would undoubtedly be horrified to find out that their desire for a wrinkle-free face can cause test animals to experience suffering. "

The RSPCA added:" We are extremely disappointed to learn that Superdrug will offer Botox-type injections as an anti-wrinkle product Many people shop at Superdrug because of the "cruelty-free" ethos that makes it all the more disappointing. "

PETA, the animal rights group, urged the consumer to choose from the many caring brands who only use vegan ingredients.

Superdrug said, Allergan, the company they work with, is focused on the use of methods that do not cause animals to suffer.

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