Tesla confirms that it is working on an aftermarket Model 3 Performance Upgrade package

Tesla confirmed via Twitter today that it was offering Model 3 Performance owners the opportunity to purchase an aftermarket Performance Upgrade package that would contain Track mode for those who do not check that option during the ordering process.

This is probably in response to a number of owners who express their discontent that the Tesla Model 3 Performance is definitely an awe-inspiring but not yet officially aligned Track mode that is not available for cars that do not have the additional $ 5000 Performance Upgrade- package.

The Model 3 Performance with the Performance Upgrade package is a seriously fast and fun car.

Steven Ewing / Roadshow

To be honest, when orders were opened for the Model 3 Performance, Tesla did not make it explicitly clear that this not-very-cheap option package would be needed to get the full level of enjoyment from Model 3 performance, so if I was a of the people who paid $ 65,000 or more, I would probably have been pretty upset too. But that is not the whole story.

The Performance Upgrade package consists of a few things besides a enabled Track mode. Specifically, the upgraded brakes, suspension and tires. These things are pretty critical for a car with the capabilities of the Model 3 performance and allow a Track mode that allows more movement of a car without being irresponsible.

Perhaps the biggest change to the Performance Upgrade package is the previously only adequate brakes of the Model 3.

Steven Ewing / Roadshow

It is still unclear at the moment what an aftermarket package would look like and how it might compare to the cost of $ 5,000 to order it from your vehicle, but it may turn out to be popular with second or third owners later in the row.

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