Channel 4 News presenter Kathy Newman says she was sexually harassed at school

Channel 4 News presenter Cathy Newman said she was sexually harassed while she was a student at one of the best private schools in Britain.

The 44-year-old remembered sitting in the canteen at the Charterhouse school when she was 16 when a boy unzipped his pants and forced her to touch him.

Sixth grade students at the school sprayed water on her white shirt to expose her bra and said that some boys judged their female classmates on their appearance, she said.

"We were in the lunch room and a boy next to me unzipped his flies and grabbed my hand and forced me to touch his penis," Newman said. The Sunday Times, adding that it was years ago that she talked to someone about it.

She said that the attack could have worsened in the Internet era if images and photos of the incident had been shared.

"Your instinct is always, or was I thinking, a bit of a laugh and then the question of whether you were blamed in some way," she added. "I think that's exactly what I did, I just had a nice chat with people during a meal [when the incident took place]so it was completely unexpected.

"I just screamed in a rather comical way, laughed at myself to overcome the humiliation of it, but then I felt really embarrassed."

Newman said she was co-focussed because her father was teaching at school and receiving a scholarship.

Charterhouse, an entry and day school of £ 40,000 per year, has high-profile alumni, including experienced broadcaster David Dimbleby and foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Charterhouse said that it had not been aware of Mrs Newman's claims before, but that they had now reported this to the police.

The school said in a statement: "If such disclosures were made to us today with regard to a current student, we would immediately report them to the legal authorities and take action to protect the affected students while legal investigations were taking place. of these specific allegations, we have reported them to the police and will fully assist them in any investigation.

"Although the events have reportedly happened some time ago, they are deeply shocking.There is no such behavior at any school.Canvesthouse has a policy of zero tolerance with regard to bullying or intimidation of any kind, and states the well-being of all students above any other consideration.

"We will continue to assist the appropriate authorities in any investigations, but will not make any further statements at this time."

Ms. Newman talked about the launch of a campaign by the charity against the bullying, the Diana Award, which should encourage girls to report bullying and intimidation.

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