Doctor Who & # 39; s Jodie Whittaker hopes that female James Bond is on his way

Jodie hopes that her historic casting in Doctor Who can pave the way for change in the rest of the industry (Picture: BBC)

She is the first woman to take the lead role in the iconic TV series Doctor Who of the BBC.

And it seems that Jodie Whittaker hopes that her new role in the previously male-dominated world of Time Lords will help pave the way for a woman who takes on a different role traditionally worn only by a male actor, James Bond.

Speaking of her historic casting as the protagonist in the Sci-fi series, the 36-year-old actress said that it's a moment of change & # 39; was, but she added that it is depressing & # 39; depressing & # 39; would be other famous franchises that did not follow.

& # 39; When I grew up, those characters did not seem like us to do those things, she told when she talked about the doctor's will and 007.

She said: & # 39; Women are not genre, we are just the other half of the population, so seeing us to see things to do should not be so – & # 39; (Photo: Columbia / EON / Danjaq / MGM / Kobal / REX / Shutterstock)

& # 39; Those were the white guys running around to save the day, doing really cool things, and if you were lucky, when you were a kid, you might be knocked to the side and maybe something was passed to really heroic moment to help happen.

So to be at the moment of change, that is incredibly exciting, especially because it is in a world where it is absolutely true for this character. & # 39;

And for those who are willing to train against her new role and other possible new female leads, she added: "For us it's 2018. Women are not genre, we're just the other half of the population, so to see us doing things should not be so surprising. & # 39;

The actress picks up her sonic screwdriver and charges in time and space next month, becoming the thirteenth iteration of the last of the Time Lords (photo: BBC)

The actress takes her sonic screwdriver into use and recharges in time and space next month, becoming the thirteenth iteration of the last time-rule.

And it seems that she also makes an indictment in the argument of the pay gap, because she also revealed that she does not get paid less than another doctor & # 39 ;.

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Doctor who starts on BBC1 on 7 October.

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