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Lachlan White (played by Thomas Atkinson) yielded nothing and the last time viewers saw him, he was in the middle of killing his aunt, Rebecca White (Emily Head).

It is still not certain whether she is dead or not, but things did not look right for her.

That said, she can take revenge by persuading Lachlan for his horrendous crimes thanks to a secret message she left behind in the cabin in the forest where she was imprisoned.

Lachlan had the impression that he had solved everything after he had acted with Rebecca, but the Emmerdale's 18-year-old serial killer will now get out of hand if Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) is interested in the glamping site in the US . forests.

Priya wants to use the site for a business idea, but becomes suspicious when she sees that the cabin has been cleaned recently, suggesting that someone lives there.

She takes a dog patrol in the hope that she catches the offender in the act, but she does not know she is about to appear at a crime scene.

Lachlan wants to check the hut one last time to make sure he did not leave any signs and manage to sneak past the guard and his dog.

But still, when he is in the hut, he sees the offensive message that Rebecca had left behind that could mean the end for him.

Lachlan tries to remove Rebecca's message, which reads: "Lachlan is a murderer", but he is interrupted by Priya who comes to the hut to measure it.

Lachlan then hides behind a wall with a tree branch in his hand as he contemplates returning to his murderous ways to get out of this challenging situation.

The chance is very good that Priya will see the message unless Lachlan does something drastic, but she is also accompanied by a guard and a dog.

It is difficult to kill all three of them, even for Lachlan.

Will Priya read the message and start working together, or will Lachlan fight for his freedom?

Thomas Atkinson recently revealed: "Lachlan is worried about Rebecca's message, it would be a terrible thing for people to figure out, so he has to figure out how he can get rid of that without anyone seeing what he is doing.

"Priya sees Lachlan in the hut and he says he is on the road, she does not really believe him."

He continued: "She is absolutely in danger – anyone who messes with the safety of Lachlan and his relationship with Belle may not have a good ending."

"The clock finally ticks Lachlan's crimes, he loses control at this point.

"He grabs straws and does not know what he's going to do next, he has had control over everything throughout his story, but at this point he's unraveling," he finished.

It seems that the murderous uprising of Lachlan will eventually end abruptly. All that remains to be seen is whether he will take Priya with him.

Emmerdale will be on ITV tonight at 7:00 PM.

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