ER actress Vanessa Marquez was shot by the police during the welfare check at her home

A former ER actress was shot by the police during a welfare check at her home.

Vanessa Marquez was shot deadly after waving a BB gun at officers, said the Sheriff's Department in Los Angeles County.

Police officers from South Pasadena visited the 49-year-old nurse nurse Wendy Goldman in the medical TV drama Thursday at her home.

When the police arrived, Marquez suffered attacks, officers said.

Vanessa Marquez played nurse Wendy Goldman in ER

The TV star is said to have become less and less cooperative, while the police appealed to her and encouraged her to undergo medical treatment for more than one and a half hours.

Marquez then waved what officers said was a weapon and the police responded to her as a reaction, reports NBC News Los Angeles.

The police went to the home of the 49-year-old for a welfare check

A broken window was visible at the property

The weapon turned out to be a BB pistol and was "described as a replica of a semi-automatic pistol," police said.

A mental health worker was present at the police, said the sheriff's office.

Marquez got an attack when agents arrived, police said

The actress pulled out a BB gun

Officers shot in response and killed Marquez

Sgt Joe Mendoza told reporters that Marquez "suffered a number of problems, eating disorder."

The office of the LA County Sheriff is now investigating the shootings.

The star is thought to suffer from an eating disorder

Marquez also played in the 1988-movie & # 39; Stand and Deliver & # 39; and episodes of & # 39; Seinfeld & # 39; and & # 39; Wiseguy & # 39; in the years & # 39; 90.

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