Heartbreak as a groom dies only 13 hours after marrying

A woman only died a few hours before he died during her wedding night of cancer with her soul mate.

Michelle White (32) was engaged to Scott Plumley (41) and planned to marry in the future – but 10 days ago he was admitted to the hospital with stomach complaints.

Last Monday tests showed that he had stage four cancer of the esophagus, which had spread, and he did not have to live long.

They decided to organize a wedding in less than 48 hours and in the afternoon of August 15, Miss White Mrs Plumley became family and friends.

But 13 hours later, Mr. Plumley died in the Southmead hospital in Bristol with his wife and family next to him.

Mrs. Plumley, of Lawrence Weston, Bristol, now appeals to "all good people in the world" to help her pay the funeral expenses for the man she had less than a day.

Belfast Telegraph

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