How reverend the bleak conception of & # 39; abortion after birth & # 39; anger in black America

SOne of the toughest race issues in America moved centrally during Friday's funeral of Aretha Franklin, when a fire and anger preacher held out to declare that "the black America had lost its soul" in a fervent eulogy that caused anger and arguments on social media .

The Rev Jasper Williams Jnr, who also spoke at the funeral of Franklin's father, described more than 50 minutes how black women were unable to raise only sons and why the Black Lives Matter movement could make little progress in the light of black-on-black violence.

He even used the term "abortion after birth" to describe the situation of children who were raised without a "father" supplier or mother "caretaker" while scolding against broken houses.

It transformed an uplifting, musical commemoration for the Queen of the Soul into an improvised sounding board for some of the most intrusive social issues in the country.

And it emphasized division between different generations on how to tackle racism in America.

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