Kate Middleton: What title does the Duchess of Cambridge have as king William?

Kate Middleton and Prince William and known as HRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge since she married in 2011.

When William ascends the throne and he becomes the king of England, Kate does not get the title of queen.

Instead, Kate will follow the title of consort, as is traditional for women who marry sovereign marriages.

She will not be Queen of England like Queen Elizabeth II, 92, is now.

When a man is a consort, they are generally called Prince – as with the Queen's husband, Prince Philip, 97.

According to the Royal website, Kate is also crowned when William becomes king, but with a few differences.

"Unless otherwise decided, a consort of a queen is crowned with the king in a similar but simpler ceremony", explains the website.

Camilla, 71 duchess of Cornwall, also becomes a technical queen-wife when her husband, Prince Charles, 69, becomes king.

Clarence House said, however, that Camilla will use the title Princess Consort instead.

Camilla could at present call herself the Princess of Wales because she is married to the Prince of Wales, but she does not do so out of respect for Princess Diana, who died in 2005.

When Charles becomes the King of England, Kate and William can adopt another title.

The titles Prince and Princess of Wales can fall for them; however, the title is not hereditary.

The titles are given at the discretion of the Queen. Charles, for example, only became Prince of Wales when he was nine years old.

It is likely that William will become Prince of Wales, but not within the first few weeks of his government.

However, Kate will never be a princess because of a royal rule.

If Kate William would survive if he were king, she could take another title.

According to expert and author of the blog Royal Musings Marlene Koenig, Kate could become the Queen Mother.

The mother of Queen Elizabeth chose to adopt this title after the death of her husband, King George VI, in order to avoid confusion with her daughter.

The last queen Catherine in England was Catherine of Braganza, the wife of Charles II between 1662 and 1685.

Just as Kate will be, Catherine, who came from Portugal, was known as a queen-consort.

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