Peter Andre & # 39; Rubs Katie & # 39; s Price & # 39; s face & # 39; in his time with Junior and Princess while she begs for contact

Peter Andre seems to be rubbing the time he spends with his children Junior and Princess in the face of ex Katie Price.

The Mysterious Girl singer has put a series of video's of himself while he hangs around with his children and starts a road trip.

He brought his son 13 and princess 11 on holiday to Florida, and Katie openly begged him for contact.

Early on Monday morning, Katie went to Twitter to claim that she could not contact her son and daughter, who lived with Peter for a while.

Peter went on a road trip with Princess and Junior

Princess fell asleep

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Katie Price & # 39; s money problems

Twice sent to her ex-husband to see the whole world, she wrote in the early hours: "Still awake at this hour, trying to contact my children in America.

"Try tomorrow, noon and night, please, let @MrPeterAndre know that they are okay?"

Katie, whose rumor was rumored that they could not see the children after they went to live with her ex in June when she tried to get her finances back on track, added a prayer emoji.

It is not known whether Katie has spoken with her children since then, but Peter has shown the world how much they like it during their trip to Orlando.

Peter, who has two children with his wife Emily, has shared a series of videos from the trio during a road trip with friend and celebrity and fashion photographer, James Rudland.

They all woke up to dance

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Peter nods his head to music and controls the camera around the car to show what the children are doing in the back.

In one clip Junior slurps asleep and in another his sister takes a nap, but in the third video the whole family comes together to dance and synchronize with the lip with the music.

While Eminem & # 39; s Lose Yourself plays, Junior and Princess swing their hands in the air while Peter does his best "gangsta" moves.

While many people shared holiday tips, some took the opportunity to ask questions about what was going on with the family.

Peter brought the children to Florida

Junior shows off his movements

One fan said: "I hope they have had time to talk to their mother"

Another said: "Maybe @officialkatieprice stops attention on Twitter now when she sees this photo"

After Katie tweeted, her fans assured her that the children were okay, noting that Pete had tweeted a picture with Princess two hours earlier.

But another said she clearly worried because of the shooting on Sunday afternoon in Jacksonville, Florida.

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