Strictly Katie Piper is about anxiety and depression as a result of an acid attack

Katie Piper has fought with anxiety and depression since the attack (photo: Rex / Shutterstock)

It is almost 10 years since Katie Piper was attacked in a gruesome manner in a way that would forever change her life.

Her friend made sure that a man went to her house and threw acid in her face, causing terrible injuries that would affect her for the rest of her life.

But the 34-year-old has come through fighting, just announced as the first of the new Strictly Come Dancing participants for 2018.

In a revealing interview with Women & # 39; s Health, Katie revealed that she is still suffering from anxiety and depression due to the attack of a decade ago, and has since moved on to fitness to help her get through.

Katie recovered her body after the acid attack (photo: Pete Pendonomou / Women & # 39; s Health)

I live with fear and still get depressed, & # 39; she confessed. & # 39; Because you do not go through life-changing things and just get better and it's over – you learn to live with it.

& # 39; There are so many things that can happen to us in the life you think: & # 39; I can not handle it. I can not handle it, "but probably. You're always bigger than the problem, the problem can never be bigger than you."

She revealed that she takes a holistic approach to mental health and well-being, and it starts in the kitchen.

& # 39; Everyone contacts me with the same questions: how can I be more confident? How do I get my fear? & # 39; she said. & # 39; And without preaching, I really believe that nutrition is so important. What we put into our bodies can cause us to feel depressed or anxious, and it is the same for fitness, I think it all comes together in this big circle. & # 39;

Katie plays Strictly in the star this year (photo: Pete Pendonomou / Women & # 39; s Health)

& # 39; I know that [food and movement having a direct bearing on ones mental state] ensures that some people cross over. Like, there are people online who say, when you put photos up: "You make mothers bad!" And it is as if, when you feel bad about this photo of me, these are your personal uncertainties. It is not about making people feel that they are inadequate, believe me. & # 39;

She added that after the attack she recovered her body by falling in love with fitness.

"People were like," Oh, you will not train anymore, "and when I was 24, it made me feel so old to hear that.

& # 39; I was quite lonely because I did not have friends or friends, so I started to spend my weekends with races. Then I went to a half marathon and I really enjoyed it! It was at this moment that I made contact with physical exercise … I thought, "I feel free – I feel young … I'm not going to accept those low expectations." Instead of getting better, I wanted to move on. & # 39;

(Photo: Pete Pendonomou / Women & # 39; s Health)

Katie Piper is now ready to take part in the Strictly this year, with the launch in the air on 8 September.

Katie said earlier: "I hope to get away with a different kind of trust in another part of my life.

I think it gives a broader message, my past is irrelevant, to be able to move forward and to do these things is a broader message.

& # 39; That's something that I want to bring, and it's fun to be part of something so light-hearted! & # 39;

The full interview appears in the October issue of Women & # 39; s Health, on sale on September 4th.

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