The station of Post Malone had to make an emergency landing in New York

Post Malone flew from New Jersey to London after appearing on the MTV VMA's in New York on Monday, when his private plane suffered damage during take-off. We know this is crazy.

The rapper left Tuesday, but the tires of his plane were blown out just after flying, which means that according to TMZ the pilot had to make arrangements to make an emergency landing.


With 16 people, including Post Malone on board, air traffic control allowed the aircraft to continue to burn the rest of the aircraft's fuel to make the emergency landing safer.

The plane was then informed to travel to NYC, where it had to cycle over the city to burn fuel before it was on its way to safety.

There were 9 fire engines and 12 ambulances on standby, and 25 staff waiting to take care of the passengers while disembarking.

Eventually the plane managed to get on the ground at Stewart International Airport in New Winsor, NY, but the seriousness of the situation did not prevent Twitter from posting pretty dark puns.

Post Malone jokes are now everywhere. And they are not great. Malone even tweeted himself and said, "I've landed guys, thank you for your prayers, can not believe how many people wanted me to die on this website, f ** k you, but not today [sic]. "

Fortunately, nobody was hurt during the emergency landing and Malone even managed to complain to FaceTime with TMZ about how he initially did not like flying.

Well, if Malone hated flying before we bet he is not a big fan now.

We are happy that everyone is safe and has succeeded in landing the plane without serious injuries.

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