Woman gets death threats after people & # 39; embarrassing details & # 39; place in her & # 39; perfect morning & # 39; photo

A blogger claims she has received death threats after sharing a photo of her morning routine on social media.

Scarlett London, 24, placed a photograph of her sitting on her bed with a full face of makeup and stylized hair, surrounded by heart-balloon balloons with her healthy breakfast laid out for her.

But many people claim that the photo is filmed and criticize her because she has a "false, unattainable image to influenceable young people." have sold.

She is also mocked after people believe they have spotted a painful nip on her picture – with many claims that her strawberry pancakes are actually tortilla wraps.

She shared the photo with the caption: "The best days begin with a smile and positive thoughts, and pancakes, strawberries and bottomless tea.

Her photo has been heavily criticized

"My morning routine is now live on YouTube – and although I do not show you my real bed hair (believe me, it's not pretty), I give you a little insight into how I start my day in a positive way.

"Go to my stories for a swipe up link – and let me know what you think!"

It also includes a mouthwash plug and a note explaining that it is a promotional mail.

Scarlett was posted on Instagram, but went viral on Twitter after an unfortunate follower took a screenshot and shared it.

One person wrote: "This is ridiculous on so many levels." Everything in this picture is ridiculous and Hella FAKE, I do not know where the tortilla's or the product placement start? #StrawberriesFajitas. "

Another commented: "They are images like these that give young girls false impressions of life and unrealistic expectations about how they expect to be treated."

One woman wrote: "Unrealistic staged photos such as these are just as bad as Photoshop models in magazines, selling an untrue, unreachable image to influenceable young people." You can call yourself an arm, bullied "young girl" What you feel like doing, but if you are going to sell products to your followers effectively, your methods will be criticized, just as other brands are criticized because their ads are considered inappropriate or harmful. "

But others jumped into Scarlett's defense.

One wrote: "It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children something different, and anyone who places the blame on the people who post on social media has a problem with ownership. And people like you who bring down other people are the reason why people feel insecure. "

Another replied: "This is a beautiful picture! Please ignore the weirdos, this is a social MEDIA – its marketing, a virtual commercial & that is what you did with this perfectly compiled set-up."

Later she shared a photo on her Instagram in which she defended her messages and claimed that she had received the death threats after the photo.

She also shared a screenshot of her audience's demographic audience, showing that only four percent of her followers are younger than 18 years.

She wrote: "In the past 48 hours, adult men and women, MPs, women's representatives, journalists, actresses and broadcasters have discovered my Instagram feed and have decided to go online for thousands.

"Every time I refresh my page, there are hundreds of new annoying messages on my Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, some of which contain malicious death threats.

"There are now hundreds of thousands of tweets circulating on the internet, shameful.

"I beg those who thoughtlessly share this content to investigate who I am as a person before they drag my name and my image through the mud.

She responded with various social media messages

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"Yes, I do ads here, but only with brands that I really use and I would spend money on myself." My feed is not a reality place (let's talk about production A – above – I mean who spends his time in such & # 39 , a beautiful city, perched on a ledge, ice in the hand and smile permanently on her face, they are staged men).

"Sometimes my photos are capricious and OTT and a bit too pink, but I do not present this as an idealistic" version of life to which young girls should aspire.

"Those who follow me will know my reality, I try to raise awareness for the digestive disorder that I suffer from, the same condition that threatened me years ago when I graduated from college.

"My Instagram has been an outlet to show that despite this condition you can be positive and have fun with life.

"Personally, I do not think my content is harmful to young girls, but I agree that Instagram can have a false expectation that people can stick to.

"And I'm really sorry if I've ever unsettled someone because of my content My life mission is exactly the opposite: I'm a strong 24-year-old woman who has been bullying in the past.

"I am and will be okay after this horrible experience, but another young girl or someone who is the subject of a targeted hate campaign may not be right, remember that in the middle of every viral storm there is a human being."

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