X Factor & # 39; s Louis Tomlinson IN TEARS as ex-participant he helped to rehabilitate returns for emotional audition

A returning X Factor participant reduced judge Louis Tomlinson to tears after he was forced to withdraw from last year's show.

Anthony Russell, a Liverpool worker, played Avicii & # 39; s Wake Me Up at an emotional moment when Louis ran on stage to embrace him.

The jurors explained that when Anthony was forced out of the show, he was in rehabilitation for four months after having contacted the One Direction star who offered to help.

Chief Referee Simon Cowell explained how Louis helped him "get the help he needed at that moment" and Anthony himself fell into tears when he spoke about his gratitude.

Anthony Russell

Tomlinson told the audience that he saw Russell on TV last year: "I do not think I've seen someone do a first audition with a black eye, you immediately stole my heart.

"I really got to know you last year, and your family, and I think you're a nice, nice guy."

Russell said audition for The X Factor last year reminded him that he had a chance of success, but that he then "went a rocky road, made the wrong choices … so I had to get out of the competition myself".

He added, "I was broken, but then I got a message from Louis on Twitter and I started talking to him, he had seen my story in the papers, and he said," Need help? I want to help you ", so I jumped on it.

Louis and Anthony hugged each other

"I went to the clinic for four months, it really helped me, it was a blessing, I would not be where I am now if it was not for Louis.

"As soon as my head started to clean up, I thought I wanted to give this another chance, I'm not on this earth to throw the towel in the ring."

After his performance, the audience gave Russell a standing ovation.

New jurors Robbie and Ayda Williams were also overwhelmed by emotions, with the former Take That star Robbie who told him: "In my short period as an X Factor judge so far, 70% of the acts are good, they come on the stage and they are a bit of vanilla.

Louis was so emotional after the execution

"What I am looking for is the X factor, and you have the X factor and I tell you why.

"Those scars, those scars in battle, give you something that not everyone has, your story is unique, you're just a great guy."

His wife Ayda agreed and said that they saw Robbie go through his own "dark" time. "I know how much violence it takes to get out of a dark place, it requires complete surrender and you have completely surrendered at that moment and I think you & # 39; ace & # 39 ;.

Tomlinson, who coached Russell for his comeback, struggled to stop tears.

Anthony sang his heart

He said: "Damned boy, I have to put myself together again, after that I am pretty emotional.

"It was a great moment for both of us, and you are absolutely successful."

Chief Referee Simon Cowell said that Russell's performance was "sensational" and that he was fortunate enough to be accompanied by Tomlinson.

Russell got four yes from the judges and is on to the next stage of the competition, and Tomlinson jumped up to give him a hug.

However, there was not so much positivity around the performance of Marc Higgins.

He sang Avicii & # 39; s Wake Me Up

Higgins previously participated in The X Factor in a boy band in 2010, the same year that Tomlinson appeared with One Direction.

Tomlinson recognized him, and Higgins, now a firefighter, said he "wanted to show the judges what I can do, this is my dream".

His rendition of George Michael's Careless Whisper did not leave the panel impressed, however, with Cowell who said it was "the absolute opposite of what I was looking for".

Tomlinson said: "This is really hard for me, it just felt a bit karaoke and dated, I was really roaring for you, but it just did not work for me, I'm scared."

He waited for the verdict of the judge

Higgins failed to proceed to the next phase.

Acts, including calypso singer Olatunji Yearwood from Trinidad and Tobago, former boyband star Brendan Murray from Galway, Ireland, and Jacqueline Faye, a 53-year-old who lives on a farm in Wales, were all approved by the jurors.

The X factor continues on Saturday at 8:30 pm on ITV.

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