Folk in the center of Aberdeen, the second in Scotland, for registrations of stem cell donors

Aberdeen city center is in second place in Scotland due to the number of people who have registered to become stem cell donors.

In Aberdeen Central 2,309 people have registered with the blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan – making it the second top of the 73 constituencies in Scotland.

About 38% of the volunteers are male and their average age is 30 years.

Although everyone in the registry can be a match for someone with blood cancer, men between the ages of 16 and 30 are likely to be asked to donate.

Men in this age group make up 50% of the donations, but represent only 16% of the national register.

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Kevin Stewart, MSP for the area, said: "The charitable organization Anthony Nolan and its supporters have done a lot of work to increase the awareness of the importance of a large and varied donor register, and the credit is due to them.

"Folk in Aberdeen can be proud that our city has a high ranking in that register, but from here we must all continue to spread the word and encourage more people to sign up.

"Defeating potentially life-threatening diseases such as cancer requires dedication and we can all contribute to making sure that more people know how to save a life."

Gordon MP Colin Clark also applauded nearly 1,700 of his constituents who "offered selflessly" to become stem cell donors.

Clark said: "These people volunteered to give someone a second chance in life.

"Donating stem cells is simple, but it can make a huge difference for someone without a different chance of recovery.

"I sincerely hope that more people from our community are inspired to sign up and show that together we can offer a cure for blood cancer."

Henny Braund, chief executive of Anthony Nolan, said: "Since 1974, thousands of caring, unselfish people have joined the Anthony Nolan Registry and have saved thousands of lives as a result.

"This Blood Cancer Awareness Month, residents can be proud of all lifesavers in your community."

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