Powerful Photo Of Baby Rainbow Surrounded By Needles Captures One Couple's Struggle To Conceive

When a same-sex couple in Arizona have a baby after years of IVF treatment and a number of miscarriages, they have their mother's birth.

The photo, created by Samantha Packer, or Packer Family Photography, shows Patricia and Kimberly O'Neil's newborn baby surrounded by hundreds of needles shaped in a heart.

The photo was shared on the Packer Family Photography Facebook page with the message: "Mom said, 'Four years, seven attempts, three miscarriages and 1,616 shots'."

The couple, who married in January last year, had been trying to conceive since 2014. Kimberly told Sky News they spent $ 40,000 (£ 31,260) and made seven unsuccessful pregnancies. Intrauterine insemination (IUI), before being recommended IVF, according to Sky News.

The third miscarriage was especially difficult for the couple as they had heard their child's hearbeat and knew the gender. Patricia told CNN: "We were excited. We went in to eight weeks and we knew it was a boy.

"We saw the heart beat and then we went at 11 weeks and the heartbeat had stopped." She said she was at the point of breaking through this time.

Patricia had already discovered she had a blood clotting condition called Factor V Leiden, which can cause a higher risk of developing blood clots during pregnancy. The doctor also discovered that recurrent miscarriages, CNN reported, such as enzyme deficiency and inflammation markers.

The 1,616 needles in the photo represent the shots that 30-year-old Patricia had to take every day, which was a combination of lovenox and progesterone blood thinners, and were saved by Kimberley throughout the process.

While Kimberly and Patricia have been thinking about London, the picture has now been shared about 63,000 times on Facebook.

"We wanted to create the babies we lost and the incredible journey we fought through," Kimberly told Sky News. She said that she can help and inspire other parents struggling to conceive.

Other parents shared their own IVF struggles. Mandy Fagiano posted a photo of her baby with the caption: "We were fortunate to get pregnant with IVF, so we did not have that many needles .. so I thought this would be a touching image!"

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