Whether it is washing or bat in your room, mowing does not help

It's too much, I tell you. Heat, wasps and other creatures – and if you're interested, we'll throw in a few bats.

Like I said, it is too much! I have to admit that I'm talking to you today, it's a little cooler outside. What a relief for the dogs and me. Even the old cat looks happy.

I have to go back and discuss wasps. Recently, while the dogs and I walked the walk, we met a young father and his two-year-old son. The little boy was unhappy in one of those wagons that were attached to the back of a bicycle. His little face was heavily swollen. His eye was only a slit on his swollen face. Two days before the boy was stabbed while playing on the beach of Tyhee Lake, I was told. A bald hornet did his thing and struck the boy by his eye. Because it would be good luck, things were taken care of in the hospital. The father was told that there was a good chance that the swelling would close the respiratory power. My point here is: if you have a young child, make sure you notice wasps and hornets.

I notice that the wasps are close to the ground or are looking for water in the dog bowls. I made a few traps that work pretty well. One bucket has a piece of meat hanging on a stick. The meat lurks just above the water in the bucket. I put a little oil on the water. The wasps swam on the meat. Too full to fly, so it drops to the water. To catch lots that way.

I also have a sugar trap that is quite dandy. White sugar and water in a bowl. Wasps come in for a drink. They are suspended in the oil on the water surface. That is it! Done!

I have one of those battery-powered badminton rackets. Save the wasp – instant roasted bug. Great if you like that kind of thing. Also have the good old fly swatter. But I still have a lot of insects. With animals and birds I can not bring myself to bomb critters with chemical foam or spray.

The dogs know that they are near the ventilator to help eliminate pests. In the morning when it is cooler, some relief for us all.

Since I am always exhausting with the whipping and whipping of wasps or hornets, I am stung. It hurts like the thumps. I get an antiperspirant rod, rub on the puncture site, pain is gone with very little swelling. May not work for everyone, but for me it is fine. Do not forget that there are people with severe allergies who can die by a bee sting. Be careful and be warned.

Now to the bat issue. The other night I crawled into my bed. I feel a breeze over my face. I switched on the light and a bat flew around. Grab a pillowcase and tried to send the thing out. I was sure it was gone until the next morning the bat just hung around in my kitchen. Finally I got it outside where it was hanging around for the day in the veranda. Later it was gone – well.

Mind you, I was always so sad when the next night a different bat floats around in my bedroom. It could have been the same bat. You have seen them all as they say. I am proud and happy to say that I have figured out where the bat came in. Stay informed – the story can change.

Back to the bees for a minute. I can not recommend to use it to get rid of it. Talk to the good people in our local stores. They undoubtedly have a person who can help you get the best product.

When a bee or a bat comes close to you, yelling and flapping will probably not help.

Let me know how you see it when you call to 250-846-5095 or just send an e-mail to [email protected]

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