Alarm if this little six-year-old girl disappears at night in Gloucestershire

There is concern this morning about a missing six-year-old girl from Gloucestershire.

The police have called for information about the young Dursley girl who has not been seen since Saturday night.

Lexi Carter, six years old, was last seen in Long Street at 7.34pm yesterday.

When she was last seen, she wore a pink jacket, white Nike sneakers and possibly jeans.

Lexi Carter, missing from Dursley

Lexi may have a pink and black scooter with him.

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Long Street, Dursley

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If you see or know where Lexi is, contact the Gloucestershire police with incident number 391 from 1 September.

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Also missing this morning

In a separate appeal, the police also call on information about a missing woman from Gloucester.

There are fears for the well-being of Ann Griffin, 48, who was last seen on Podsmead Road at 10.15 am on Saturday.

Officers called on information about her whereabouts in the early hours of Sunday morning.

She is described as 5ft 4 "long with short gray hair and has missing front teeth.

When she was last seen, she wore a bright blue hoodie, black leggings and peach-style dap-style shoes.

If you see Ann or know where you are, contact the Gloucestershire police with the number 451 from 1 September.

If you have information about a missing person, you can contact the charity organization Missing People at 116 000.

Or you can find more information on the charity website

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