Burglar lied about life in the Grenfell Tower to prevent him from going to jail

A burglar is lying that he has fallen victim to the Grenfell Tower disaster to stay in a four-star hotel instead of going to jail for his crimes.

Derrick Peters is now faced with time behind bars after he was caught when Kensington and Chelsea council suspected his story was wrong.

The 58-year-old had claimed that he lived with a friend who had died in the fire, but was not there himself in the night.

Derrick Peters lied about being the victim of the deadly fire of the Grenfell Tower (photo: SWNS)

Peters stayed at the Park Grand Hotel in Kensington in August 2017 when he stole more than £ 3,000 of jewelry, computer equipment and speakers from a flat in West London.

He admitted burglary, but before he was convicted, Peters wrote a letter to the judge asking him to be treated mildly because of the fire.

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He received a community statement and returned to the luxury hotel.

Peters stayed at the hotel between June 28, 2017 and January of this year, for an amount of £ 40,000 to the taxpayer.

But the council began to suspect that he was lying because the flat number he claimed to stay did not exist.

Tommy Brooks and Elaine Douglas are among the people convicted of fraud involving the fire in the Grenfell Tower (photo: SWNS)

There was no camera footage of him from the building and the daughter of his & # 39; friend & # 39; who lived there said that Peters had never lived with them.

Peters, formerly of the Park Grand Hotel, Kensington, admitted two fraud graves by false statements and overturned the court proceedings at Isleworth Crown Court on Thursday.

He will be sentenced at a later time.

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Kate Mulholland, of the CPS, said: "Derrick Peters lied about staying in Grenfell to take advantage of help and assistance intended for real survivors of the fire.

He then used the same lie to deceive a court and avoid a prison sentence, a serious offense in itself, but with which he could continue to deceive the taxpayer by demanding more accommodation.

& # 39; Our persecution could show that Peters & # 39; calculated dishonesty led to the guilty supplications and imprisonment of today. & # 39;

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