Hundreds of families are homeless without reason

Hundreds of families are homeless every week by landlords who do not need any reason to expel them.

Pressure group Generation Rent has blamed the housing law for its contribution to the homeless crisis, referring to an increase in the number of & # 39; no debt & # 39; expulsions in the past eight years.

At present, the group says about 216 households are homeless each week under Article 21 of the Housing Act 1988.

Homeless has risen over the past decade (Photo: PA Wire / PA Images)

These have been dubbed & # 39; & # 39; without errors & # 39; because homeowners do not have to have any reason to disable tenants according to this law.

The Guardian suggests that many who expel tenants under this law do so to increase the rent or sell the property to take advantage of rising prices ..

Numbers of crude sleepers have risen by as much as 168% in the past decade.

Laura Johnstone, her husband and two young sons are expelled from her rented house under Section 21 for the second time in two years.

Generation Rent said that Section 21 of the Housing Act is to blame (photo: Getty)

Laura, from Wandsworth South London, the newspaper said: "With young children it is a nightmare. It is terrible to live like that, where you have to move every year.

& # 39; We have boxes that we have not unpacked. Everything is so temporary. It ruined the lives of my children. They have no stability. & # 39;

The number of cases in which homeliness was caused by the end of a private rental agreement tripled from 4,580 to 16,320 between 2009 and 2017.

Generation Rent pointed to non-erroneous evictions, saying that 94% of the jump can be attributed to departments of department 21.

Almost 50,000 people have signed a petition calling on the government to delete section 21 , where the law is "unfair and perfectly legal & # 39; is called.

Part 21 means that landlords do not need a reason to stake out tenants (Picture: DPA / PA Images)

The petition states: & # 39; England is one of the few countries in Europe where people can be deported without private landlords having to give a reason for this.

& # 39; The threat of being kicked out without doing something wrong causes insecurity and stress for millions of families and makes people suffering from sloppy housing afraid to complain.

& # 39; The government is looking at how they can make hiring in England safer. They can change the law, so tenants can only be deported if there is a valid reason for this.

& # 39; It would mean that millions of families have the certainty of knowing that they will not be forced to fire at any given time. & # 39;

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The Department of Housing told "We recognize that everyone deserves a decent and safe place to live, so we have provided more protection to people living in rented accommodation.

& # 39; We have new measures to put an end to the so-called retaliatory expulsions, but we know that we need to do more and we consult a minimum of three years' rent.

& # 39; Under our new legislation on homelessness, councils have a duty to intervene in earlier stages to prevent homelessness. their areas. & # 39;

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