Jeremy Corbyn bus company visits to drive home Build It view

JEREMY Corbyn will bring its "Build It In Britain" campaign to Scotland today as the SNP urges him to support his efforts to keep the UK in the EU's internal market and customs union to "make an economic prevent crisis ".

The Labor leader visits Alexander Dennis, the bus manufacturer from Falkirk, with a promise to protect domestic workers from "the global economy free for all".

Later he will join Yanis Varoufakis, the economist and former Greek minister of finance, at the Edinburgh International Book Festival for a discussion about building a "progressive international" to the nationalist policy of Donald Trump and racist forces in Europe.

Mr. Corbyn insists that his "Buy British" policy "does not turn away from the world, nor a return to protectionism or Trump-style trading wars", but an attempt to "control" communities real communities over their local economy to give".

Mr. Varoufakis agrees that globalization has become untenable, but he rejects solutions that keep people and resources from traveling across the planet.

In anticipation of his visit to Falkirk, Corbyn said: "The next Labor government will reprogram the economy to bring about an industrial renaissance for Scotland.

"The Tories oversaw the decline of our industries and grew large overseas public procurement that could support jobs at home, while the SNP government has not done enough to grow the industrial base of Scotland or the green economy. .

"A lack of support for production sucks the dynamism of our economy, the reward from the pockets of the workers and the hope of safe, well-paid jobs of a generation of our young people.

"Labor will use the enormous purchasing power of the public sector to support workers and industries by buying in Britain wherever possible." We will boost Scottish production, support jobs and living standards in the broader economy, strengthen our export capacity and expands our tax base It is time that the Scottish people have a government with the determination to create an economy that works for the many, not the few. "

But the SNP said that Corbyn was the support of the Labor leader for a "job-destroying" hard brexit of Tory threatening the Scottish economy and a "total betrayal of working people".

Ian Blackford, leader of the party in Westminster, said that Mr Corbyn's "fantasy claims" on the economy were "just not credible" given the "catastrophic" impact that a tough Brexit would have on jobs, businesses , standard of living and economic growth.

He called on Mr. Corbyn to join the SNP to fight to protect the membership of the internal EU market and the customs union.

Blackford said: "Jeremy Corbyn's support for a job-destructive hard Brexit from Tory is by far the biggest threat to Scotland's economy and long-term prosperity and would be a crushing blow to the incomes and living standards of millions Scottish families.

"It is a total betrayal of working people, who have already been hit by Brexit as prices rise, and it would be catastrophic for Scottish companies and economic growth, making the whole country poorer and worse off. : "The fantasy claims of Jeremy Corbyn about the economy are simply not credible, while Labor continues to support the reckless plans of the tough Brexit of the Tories.

"We know from the British Government, the Scottish Government and a broader analysis that a tough Brexit could hit Scottish GDP by up to 9 percent, which would cost Scotland more than £ 12.7bn a year, a loss that corresponds to more than £ 2,300 for each person in the country, with about 80,000 jobs at stake.

"Instead of supporting the Tories again, Labor must finally join the SNP to fight to protect our crucial membership of the European Single Market and Customs Union, the only way to protect prosperity and to prevent an economic crisis. "

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