Rayners Lane recordings: first photo & # 39; s of the scene with double shots

Busy people are still gathering around the cordon of the police near the Rayners Lane metro station.

The scene marks the spot where two men suffered gunshots at a suspected drive-by-shooting during the Tuesday night rush hour (August 21).

Emergency services arrived shortly after 5.00 pm outside Chicken Cottage in Alexandra Avenue and armed police officers remained in the busy street surrounded by police tires.

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and investigations are underway, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said. getwestlondon .

Photographs and recordings from the scene show crowds around the area where suspected attackers target the two victims, who are now being treated in a large trauma center.

Police in Harrow on Tuesday afternoon

Police officers were called to the scene close to the subway station at 5.59 pm after reporting a shooting.

The police initially said that a man would have shot at another group of men and had fled the scene on a moped, although they now say that the two arrested men were on the scene with the victims, and that the arrested were not those on the moped. .

"Officers lived together with specialized colleagues' firearms," ​​said a spokesman.

"Two men with bullet wounds were lying in the garden of a neighboring residential address that had fled the stage.

"They have been transferred to the hospital, we are waiting for an update of their condition."

He continued: "Two men were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, they were taken to a police station in West London.

"There is a crime scene and the investigations are continuing."

An air ambulance was also spotted on the spot while emergency services rushed to the aid of the victims.

A spokesperson for the London Ambulance Service said earlier: "We sent two ambulance workers, two paramedics in fast-responding cars and an incident response officer on the spot, and we also sent the London Air Ambulance.

"We treated two people on the spot and took them as a priority to an important trauma center."

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The double recordings of today come less than 24 hours after a triple recording just a few kilometers away outside the Kingsbury metro station.

In that incident, two men aged 18 and 24 and a woman of 30 years old suffered from gunshots and were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

The police confirmed this morning that the two male victims were in hospital. Their injuries are not life-threatening. The woman has been discharged from the hospital.

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