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The British Road Haulage Association (RHA) says that the French authorities are not doing enough to protect transporters entering the northern French port of Ouistreham, near Caen.

The RHA warns of a worsening situation in the port of Normandy after social media videos appeared last week in which gangs of migrants disintegrated into moving trucks on their way to the UK.

"Since the Calais Jungle was closed in 2016, migrants, with the sole intention of reaching the UK by all possible means, are now turning their attention to another weakness on the coast, the city of Ouistreham," said Richard Burnett, CEO of RHA.

"The scene there is now chaotic: just like in Calais, truck drivers have a hand with threats and violence 24 hours a day, seven days a week as they approach the port and it gets worse every day."

RHA members report that dozens of migrants walk along the approach route along the road while awaiting a possibility to enter a truck.

"It clearly shows how desperate these people are to cross the Channel and the easiest way is on the back of a truck," added Burnett. "As far as migrants are concerned, the police are more irritating than dissuasive, and the rule of law simply does not work.

"The French authorities must get a grip on this crisis and quickly, before one of these attempts ends in a tragedy – for a migrant or for a UK-bound driver of a truck driver who just wants to do his job."

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