Sexual crimes 16% higher on the British railways

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The British railways have increased by 17%, including an increase in the number of violent crimes and sexual offenses, according to police data.

The British transport police recorded 61,159 crimes in England, Scotland and Wales in 2017-1861 against 52,235.

Sexual crimes increased by 16% to 2,472 and violent crime by 26% to 11,711.

The End Violence Against Women Coalition said that an increase in the number of women reporting sexual violence is partly due to the # MeToo movement.

It added that there have also been initiatives to encourage reporting in recent years.

The # MeToo campaign has encouraged women worldwide to speak out about sexual harassment and abuse.

Offenses involving knives or other weapons rose by 46% to 206, while theft increased by 53% to 553 recorded crimes.

EDP ​​figures also show a number of other crimes that are increasing on the rail network, including:

  • rocket missiles in trains (from 35% to 316)
  • arson (up 93% to 143)
  • live cable theft (from 86% to 158)
  • theft of vending machines (21% to 240)

BTP Chief Commissioner Paul Crowther said: "The chance of becoming a victim of crime on the rail network remains low.

"However, after a long period of steady declines, both crimes per million passenger journeys and notifiable violations have increased."

A declaration obligation is a criminal offense whereby the police must inform the home office for statistical purposes.

Nineteen crimes were registered per million passenger journeys.

The armed forces said that the increase in the total number of crimes is partly due to improving the way in which crime is recorded.

It said that this had increased accuracy and that victims and witnesses had gained more self-confidence to report crime & # 39 ;.

Rachel Krys, co-director of the End Violence Against Women Coalition, said: "The number of women reporting sexual violence in the past year has increased dramatically, partly due to #meToo and because we have seen initiatives to encourage reporting in the past few years .

"If we encourage women to report sexual violence, we must also ensure that they can be confident that their report is taken seriously and that every effort is made to ensure that their report takes action."

BTP says that victims of sexual offenses in trains can text them in confidence and on 61016.

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