Stay behind Labor laborers remain stunned after Leave EU invite them to take part in the Tory party

Senior continues to support Labor politicians in Manchester have been baffled after being invited to participate in the Tory party and preferring Boris Johnson as their prime minister.

Pro-Brexit campaign Leave EU sent an e-mail this morning with the subject line & # 39; Join the Tories to support a true Brexit leader & # 39 ;.

With a picture of Margaret Thatcher, Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg with the message "Choose a good Tory leader, click here to join the Conservative party", it is likely that within three to six months will be a Tory leadership contest.

"After you have become a member of the Conservative Party, you can vote in the final round of that match," he adds.

Image of e-mail campaign Leave EU
Image of e-mail campaign Leave EU

"So you will have a hand in choosing our next prime minister – and in determining the Brexit type that Britain will receive.

"It is not too late to save the Brexit or the country."

The e-mail – part of a renewed campaign by Leave EU founder Arron Banks in response to rising calls from Remainers for a second referendum – seems to have been sent to a number of unlikely recipients, however, including members of the Remain Labor Labor Management of Manchester Council.

Deputy City Councilor Sue Murphy said the missive, who wants to emphasize violations within the conservative party to argue that Theresa May will soon be expelled, only shows & # 39; how split the Tories are & # 39 ;.

But she added: "Let the EU need better data – I do not think I am exactly their target group for this.

"Still, I think Arron Banks is wasting money on his personal agenda."

The e-mail pushes Brexiteers to register en masse at the Conservative party to ensure that the person who replaces Theresa May will pursue a strong Brexit in the coming months.

Jacob Rees-Mogg
Jacob Rees-Mogg

It comes from concerns of some Tory MPs, including prominent Remainer Anna Soubry, that the move will lead to & # 39; entryism & # 39; – which leads to the party being flooded by new pro-Brexit members who specifically participate to defeat a threatening leadership match.

Leave the EU message and say & # 39; supporters & # 39; on his mailing list: "You can help to achieve the clean Brexit that this country has voted for by supporting a Brexit candidate in future election tasks.

"But the clock is ticking, every second counts."

Under the image of Thatcher, Johnson and Rees-Mogg, it tells the recipients, including baffled Labor members: "We want people to join the Conservative Party, attend local meetings and then insist on fundamental change within the party."

The argument is that Labor will be divided thanks to its own internal divisions, leaving behind a centrist party that splits the left & # 39; and a "once in a lifetime opportunity for the Conservative Party"; leave behind.

Under a photo of Boris Johnson with the message 'click here to participate in the Tories and a good leader back & # 39 ;, it adds:' View this place while we run the campaign & # 39; Conservative Grassroots Mutiny & # 39; start. "

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