The Council recommends walking orange to prevent the priest attack church from being passed

An orange walk does not pass a church where a Catholic priest was allegedly attacked after city council members had ordered the final march to be diverted.

A Glasgow Municipal Council committee heard from the police that "a significant disorder" was likely if the march would pass St. Alphonsus Church in Glasgow where Canon Tom White was reportedly robbed while talking to parishioners outside the Church, such as an Orange Walk on July 7 had passed.

At the end of March, a marching program was canceled in the area in the aftermath of the previous incident and the last parade on Saturday is being diverted from the church and will also start earlier, at 10.30 am instead of 12 noon.

A man appeared in Glasgow Sheriff Court, accused of mistreatment after the incident last month.

Bradley Wallace, 24, did not argue with respect to the accusation and the case was continued for further investigation.

The Archdiocese of Glasgow welcomed the news that the walk must be diverted on Saturday.

They tweet: "@GlasgowCC has ordered a route planning for the planned orange walk to pass St Alphonsus on Saturday.

"The Archdiocese is grateful to the Council for notifying concerns and resolutely taking action to relieve a cloud of fear affecting parishioners and local residents."

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A city council spokesman in Glasgow said: "A Public Processions Committee held an alternative route this morning (Thursday) and started the time on a proposed march by Orange and Purple District 37 of the county Grand Orange Lodge in Glasgow.

"The committee received evidence from Police Scotland that there would likely be a significant disorder if the march were to take place on the original route – requiring specialists to be called from all over Scotland.

"The new route for the parade scheduled for Saturday is Tullis Street, Main Street, MacKeith Street, James Street, The Green, Newhall Street, Dunn Street, London Road, Bridgeton Cross, James Street, MacKeith Street, Main Street and Tullis Street.

"The march will start at 10.30 am instead of at 12.00 pm It will not pass the church of St Alphonsus."

In a statement issued after the incident in July, Jim McHarg, Grandmaster of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland, said that they were "upset" by the alleged incident.

He said: "Although it may be said that the Order has different opinions about the Roman Catholic Church, I do not hesitate to say today that we are saying with Canon White that this kind of behavior has no place in society."

A spokesperson for the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland said today: "We are extremely concerned about the decision to change a parade today and effectively banish it from certain streets, it is discrimination in its purest form." The Glasgow City Council now has the first & # 39; no-go zones & # 39; based in Glasgow, based purely on your religion.

"We offered numerous concessions, including moving the parade to another day, continuing discussion and dialogue, and we identified the times of services in the St. Alphonsus Church and offered to move the time of the parade to ensure that we avoided these services, all of which was rejected, in return we were not offered any concessions or negotiations.

"Instead, we have now closed entire streets in Glasgow at the request of one religion over another."

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