Scientists open new fruit waste

This discovery is from experts at the University of Laval in Canada. The fruit has unique characteristics that grow in the tropical forests of the Amazon Delta.

Ученые окрыли новый фрукт, способствующий похудению

Scientists recently found that fruit myrciaria is dubious, but the natives call it "camu camu". It is rich in polyphenols that accelerate metabolism several times.

In the experiment, the experts mice myrciaria nourished the questionable use that they started to digest food more quickly, and as a result, the process of removing the carbohydrates from the body also accelerated. This resulted in twice the reduction of the body weight of the mice, with the intestines of rodents rapidly adapting to unknown foods because of the presence in the composition of the fruit, large amount of vitamin C.

At the moment Canadian scientists have started to create a project of clinical research with testing exotic people. They will probably be able to develop an effective weight loss method based on this fruit in the future.

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