Arsenal news: Aaron Ramsey warned Mesut Özil for contract discussions Football Sport

Arsenal has not made any progress to bind Ramsey – who is now the long-serving player of the club – to a new deal.

Ramsey is contract-free from next year and can talk to other clubs in January.

Manchester United and Chelsea both follow the situation of the Welshman and the latter would have made a bid of £ 35 million earlier this summer for its services.

The 27-year-old now takes home £ 110,000 a week and is looking for a substantial increase in his wages.

Ozil is the club's best-paid earner after signing a deal of £ 350,000 per week in January.

But the London Evening Standard suggests that Ramsey should not demand as much as Ozil, because the German does not have the benchmark & ​​# 39; is.

It is suggested that the Gunners will not be held to ransom by Ramsey about the salary.

Paul Merson believes Ramsey has to make a new deal because it is a surprise that he is still at the club.

"I am shocked [Ramsey] is still there [at Arsenal], & # 39; Said Merson.

"He should just sign now.

& # 39; I thought Chelsea might come to get him. It is a huge football club.

"He plays every week for Arsenal, he could go somewhere else and maybe play 15 games."

Ramsey was overlooked from the starting line-up for the 3-2 defeat of the Gunners to Chelsea last weekend.

Arsenal hopes on Saturday to get their first victory of the season at home on West Ham.

And they will encounter a familiar face in the form of Jack Wilshere, who will make his first return to the Emirates Stadium after joining the Hammers during the summer window.

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