Arsenal news: Unai Emery said they had to make a huge selection of Mesut Özil transfer Sport

That has become the controversial opinion of Stan Collymore, player of the player.

Ozil was replaced after 68 minutes of Arsenal's 3-2 defeat against Chelsea earlier this month when the scores were equal and the Gunners chased a winner.

And the German playmaker was missing the 3-1 victory at home at West Ham on the weekend that had just ended.

The absence of Ozil was officially declared as being due to illness, which would mean the seventh time since the beginning of last year that he was missing due to illness.

But later messages from ESPN Brazil appeared, suggesting that the 29-year-old had an outburst with Emery on the training ground because of a dispute about his role in the team.

The Spanish tactician denied such claims even though Ozil was present at the Emirates Stadium and spent an hour with his teammates in the locker room.

Emery said, "The information is not true, I do not know who started to tell people this information, he was sick yesterday and decided not to play today."

But Ozil – named one of Arsenal's five captains under Emery – has been publicly told by his manager to improve his performance.

Ozil signed a new contract of £ 350,000 a week with the North London outfit at the beginning of this year and has been a major player ever since joining Real Madrid in 2013.

But former Nottingham Forest and Liverpool winger Collymore believes that Arsenal should discharge their star-midfielder because he does not fit in Emery's high-energy playing style.

Collymore wrote in his column Daily Mirror: "Arsenal must leave Mesut Ozil at the end of the season because he is not the soldier who needs Unai Emery.

"He requires more than Ozil technology, Emery needs grinders and grafters, players with less technology than he has more energy, heart and soul.

"Ozil has flown for the last two or three years and so has Arsenal, but Emery will not want to do the same.

"They have to sit with him, shake his hand and say that he is a great player, but also a luxury player that Arsenal can not afford at the moment."

Reports from the Daily Telegraph last night revealed that the Arsenal board will not put Emery under pressure in a decision, as he tries to avoid the sort of power struggle he has endured with Neymar in Paris Saint-Germain.

The manager had to admit that Neymar had more power than he, after a record of £ 198 million from Barcelona, ​​recognizing Neymar joining "to be the leader" of the club.

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