Arsene Wenger: former manager of Arsenal reveals when he will make a decision about his future Football Sport

Wen summer left Arsenal after 22 years in charge of the club with Unai Emery to replace the Frenchman.

He was expected to make a decision after the World Cup, where he worked as an expert for beIN Sports.

But it seems that Wenger will stay away from his time for a while after he has announced that he will not make a decision this month.

"I decided not to decide," Wenger told Corse Matin when asked if he decided on his future.

"I had been obsessed with it for so long that I made a commitment not to make a decision until September."

Emery is already under pressure as Arsenal manager and loses his first two Premier League matches.

Arsenal was beaten 2-0 by Manchester City for a 3-2 loss at Chelsea on the weekend.

And the precursor to the Premier League, Alan Goarer, has revealed a key issue that Emery needs to sort to improve.

"Emery is going to have a big problem getting the best out of Mesut Özil," Shearer told The Sun.

"It was a brave decision to push him to the side after 68 minutes (vs. Chelsea), but he was absolutely right, because Ozil did nothing.

Arsenal carried him. He was a passenger in the game.

"Before the season started, Emery praised Ozil, whom I suspect would try to get the best out of him, but he barely kicked the ball in Arsenal's first two games.

"At the moment the Gunners are looking forward to take a challenge for the Premier League.

"And with their current team I would seriously doubt that they even end up in the top four.

"They are already six points behind their rivals and at this early stage that is worrying.

"Emery has a huge job in his hands and there is so much work to do."

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