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Jurgen Klopp & # 39; s side won their first two Premier League-games, won 4-0 against West Ham and defeated Crystal Palace 2-0.

It makes the Anfield outfit the only side that still has to admit in the first two games of the season, with Liverpool between six teams on six points.

That includes champions Manchester City, with Liverpool tipped to be the biggest challengers of the city for this season.

Klopp strengthened his loads during the summer with Alisson making the move to Merseyside alongside Fabinho, Naby Keita and Xherdan Shaqiri.

And Stoke forward Crouch has been encouraged by how well the new signings have settled in the life under Klopp.

"The thing that impressed me in their first two matches is the certainty they have shown," Crouch wrote in his column Daily Mail.

"West Ham never gave them trouble in Anfield for a moment and Crystal Palace never seemed able to hurt them.

"Alisson, the new goalkeeper, was so impressive in Selhurst Park, I must have played there in the course of the 1920s and I still find it difficult.

"When the crowd comes after Palace, they can really mess you up, but Alisson had only been there for 20 minutes and he had taken it all out.

"His range of passing was excellent and he made some big saves, too, Liverpool has a good goalkeeper to go with their two right halves – Virgil Van Dijk got a lot of credit, but I was just as impressed by Joe Gomez who has so much security.

"It will not be easy for Liverpool to contain City, and what they achieved last season marks them as one of the best teams we have ever seen – they are not going backwards.

"If Liverpool can stop them, it would be an incredible achievement, and I hope they'll push City completely."

Liverpool looks at Brighton this evening (5.30pm) and tries to win three victories of three.

But Klopp knows he will face a difficult task for the rest of the season if he wants to topple Pep Guardiola's City.

He said: "The Premier League is certainly more difficult, you can give away a few points, you have to be ready for all these games.

"Seven years ago was a very different time, football has changed.

"The Premier League is another challenge for us, but that is not important.

"I do not want to compare it, but if you could beat Bayern, it was good because they usually won all their other games.

"That will not happen here, even City could not do that last year, they got 100 points, but that was rare.

"I am not too interested in the problems of our challenge, I really work on the solutions and to make sure we are ready for all these games."

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