Paul Scholes: Man Utd plays great for Royton Town in Manchester Premier League

Man Utd legend Scholes plays for Royton Town

When Royton Town arrived in Stockport Georgians on Saturday for their Manchester Premier League game, they told their hosts that they had a shortage of players and were an editor to the 43-year-old father of one of their regular customers.

What they did not say was that the father in question was former Manchester United and England midfielder Paul Scholes.

Now the eleventh level of English football is not the place to expect one of the best players in the Premier League, but Scholes boots his boots after a call from Roy Howard, Royton's manager.

"We had eight or nine of our seniors missing and Paul said he would be happy to help if we ever fall short if his son Arron plays for us," Howard said.

"It's great for the competition, he raises the level of the people around him by 10-15% and opponents do not want to look stupid for him."

Scholes, 66 times covered by England, won 11 Premier League titles and two Champions Leagues with United.

Former Manchester United and England midfielder Paul Scholes appeared in the 11th tier of English football

"Usually this kind of games attracts 40 or 50 people, but there was a lot more there when the news came out that he was playing," Royton chairman Gary Leeming said.

"I can not imagine that the Stockport Georgians have ever had so many people in their parking lot.

"We were on the bone, he is now 43, but he still has that wand and he was absolutely fantastic for us.

"He clearly has a lot of media obligations, but he trains with us occasionally when he can and still is a great player."

Despite the presence of their highly decorated intruder, Royton – who had the fourth place in the rankings – lost 1-0.

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