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Raymond Van Barneveld announces darts with retirement and reveals three reasons why

Five-time world champion Raymond Van Barneveld quit darts at the end of 2019 and says he has the drive, fitness and motivation & # 39; to succeed has lost.

The 51-year-old Dutchman, a 2007 PDC World Champion victor over Phil Taylor in what is considered the biggest game of all time, announced the news on Monday.

He will continue to play next year's World Championship, giving him two more chances to add to his palmares, but he admits he no longer has what it takes to compete regularly in the top segment of the sport.

"Next year will be my 35th year of darts at the highest level and it will be my last year", Van Barneveld told the Darts Show.

"I noticed that I can not keep up, I know what I can do, but it just did not happen in the past three or four years, apart from winning the World Championship with Michael [van Gerwen].

"I do not win tournaments anymore, I do not know why but many things happened in my private life and I also noticed that my body does not feel 100% more – I have no drive, motivation or fitness to continue.

"I am a winner, that's what I do – I get trophies, but I can not do it anymore, maybe there are some titles left and that would be great, but I can not do this every week I do not want to my career is running out, so I decided to retire at the end of next year. & # 39;

Winner of 29 PDC titles since his move from the BDO, where he won four of his world titles, Van Barneveld was the first player to beat nine-dart finishes in the Premier League and the World Championship.

Despite the fact that he is now running behind like Van Gerwen, Gary Anderson and Peter Wright in the running for big honors, he still believes he can end his career at the highest point.

"I absolutely believe that I can still become world champion in one of my last two attempts", added Van Barneveld.

"My grandmother always said: if you believe, you can achieve anything you want, I still believe that I can do this, but not for many years."

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