Serena Williams shows fight to defeat Kaia Kanepi and reach the US Open Quarter Finals Tennis | Sport

Williams & # 39; clash with Kanepi characterizes the oldest players left in the round of 16.

Kanepi is looking for her first career win over Williams who was defeated four consecutive times.

Williams participates in her 17th consecutive fourth round game at the US Open

The winner of this competition plays Karolina Pliskova.

Serena Williams vs. Kaia Kanepi IF IT IS HAPPENED

Williams * 6-0 4-6 6-3 Kanepi *

Ace. Kanepi in advance in the net. Then a backhand in the net. 40-0. Game. Set. Matching.

A fist pump by Williams as she comes so far through her heaviest game of the US Open.

Williams 6-0 4-6 5-3 Kanepi *

Kanepi-bait to start the game. Williams then goes back with a forehand. Kanepi preliminaries winner. Williams comes back a long time. She will now serve for the game.

Williams * 6-0 4-6 5-2 Kanepi

Williams serves more than 40-15 and another bait closes the game.

The best service in the ladies game makes the difference.

Williams 6-0 4-6 4-2 Kanepi *

Game Kanepi as Williams goes for too much. She wants to finish this contest as quickly as possible.

Williams * 6-0 4-6 4-1 Kanepi

Ace No. 15 for Williams as she makes her way through Kanepi. Two matches away from the quarterfinals.

Williams 6-0 4-6 3-1 Kanepi *

Kanepi stops the grind and holds on to love when the level of Williams drops slightly.

Williams * 6-0 4-6 3-0 Kanepi

A 12th ace but then a fourth double mistake makes it 30.

Williams forehand wide gives Kanepi a breaking point. Wild Kanepi backhand sends it to deuce.

Ace No. 13. And Williams keeps clinging. Both women hit enormous bases.

Williams 6-0 4-6 2-0 Kanepi *

15-40. When Williams Kanepi forces mistakes and breaks them to lead.

Williams * 6-0 4-6 1-0 Kanepi

Forehand winner from Williams to go to 40-30. Another big Kanepi forehand winner keeps up the pressure.

But Williams smacks a winner of the backhand cross court to take the game and she lets a massive roar hear.

She wants this bad.

Second set: Williams 6-0 4-6 Kanepi *

Another 0-30 situation on serve. Williams puts a for hand in the net 15-30. Williams' big backhand forces Kanepi's mistake.

Two break points. The first is saved and then the second with a wide scale.

Set point. Williams keeps himself in the game with a smash winner. Second set point. Williams backhand down the line winner.

Third setpoint when Kanepi hits a forehand winner. Williams opens wide with a return and it is all square on Arthur Ashe.

Williams * 6-0 4-5 Kanepi

This time it is Kanepi's turn to go 0-30. But a Williams ace brings it back to 30-30.

Wow. Blinging in advance winner of Kanepi sends it to deuce.

But Williams and put pressure on Kanepi to win the set on her server.

Williams 6-0 3-5 Kanepi *

0-30 when Williams executes the attack and bombards two backhand winners.

Then a forehand winner will receive one of the breaks for Williams.

Williams * 6-0 2-5 Kanepi

Kanepi is much improved in the second set and he keeps serving again and gets another breakpoint on the Williams server.

And Kanepi gets a break when Williams makes a double mistake. A complete turnaround.

Williams * 6-0 2-3 Kanepi

Large portions of the Estonian get her through her service game. A love service is waiting for Williams to follow.

Williams 6-0 1-2 Kanepi *

Kanepi consolidates her service to continue her struggle and Williams then keeps her own path.

Williams * 6-0 0-1 Kanepi

Another pause. But not for Williams. Kanepi finally comes on the plate when Williams goes long. Game to?

First set: Williams 6-0 Kanepi *

18 minutes. That is how long it took for Williams to win the first set. Only two unforced errors. Ruthless execution.

Williams 4-0 Kanepi *

Perfect start by keeping Williams when she keeps 15 and Kanepi breaks again. Ominous.

Williams 2-0 Kanepi *

Immediate interruptions for Williams and she takes them to continue.

21:00: Welcome to LIVE coverage of Serena Williams US Open fourth round clash against Kaia Kanepi.

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