Why the GP victory of Sebastian Vettel may be the second favorite of Lewis Hamilton for the F1 world title

TThe 2018 edition of the Belgian Grand Prix will probably not be remembered too much in the coming years, a dramatic first turn pops aside. In 2018 we are spoiled with incident and drama. Not every race can be moved from start to finish. That is Formula 1.

What it has brought us, however, is exactly what the championship needed. After Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari had not paid their advantage in the last two rounds before the summer break, they returned to the Spa-Francorchamps and back in a championship that started driving in the wrong direction at the wrong time.

With a victory in Belgium and the Grand Prix of their home, it starts to look rosy for the scarlet cars, while a gray cloud hangs above the Silver Arrows.

Vettel is doing well for 2017 with the first round

The start of the Belgian Grand Prix of 2018 had a very familiar appearance. Just like last year, Lewis Hamilton was on pole with Sebastian Vettel next to him. Just like last year, Lewis Hamilton went into the corner in and through Eau Rouge, Raidillon and the straight line Kemmel.

Unlike last year, however, Sebastian Vettel was able to use the slipstream decisively and take the lead in the right hand at Le Combes before he comfortably drove to victory.

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