& # 39; Clash Royale & # 39; can boost the already explosive growth of mobile esports

The same goes for viewers, with Supercell focused on creating a mobile viewing experience that does not mimic the more PC-based broadcasts that are usually seen in esports.

"The only thing we learned last year [is that] most of our viewers look on mobile, "said Tim Ebner, head of esports at Supercell. That makes sense because we promote the game ourselves and that is probably what we attract many viewers. "

Because many users enjoy watching matches, "we focus on the mobile viewing experience, such as broadcasting the games in portrait mode, and it helps to keep viewers in broadcast," Ebner said. "People stay and occupy themselves with the content."

The appeal of the mobile viewing experience has led to some of the biggest names from the game world being downloaded. Among them is Patrick & # 39; Chief Pat & # 39; Carney, a popular YouTube personality and founder of Tribe Gaming.

Carney & # 39; s organization fields teams in both "Clash Royale," as well as the hit "Fortnite" and another mobile title called "Vainglory." He discovered the potential of mobile content about four years ago when he was building his channel. At that time, Carney decided to go all-in on mobile esports when it came to that.

"It was logical with mobile that esports would catch on," he said. In the midst of a huge market for touchscreen devices "it was just a question of having enough titles and fighting the stigmas around mobile gaming that I saw as an influencer that switched to esports."

Now Chief Pat and his team are preparing for the final of the competition that will take place at the end of the year. The date and place have not been announced. The finals of this year will build on the Crown Championship 2017 in London, where the 16 largest "Clash Royale" players in the world compete for a prize pool of $ 400,000.

Wingard wants to be one of the world's best players this year, but he does not rule out that new players will leave their mark on the stage.

"I certainly see the competition rising because last year so many new names came from nothing in the championship series and all made a name," he said.

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