Apple releases two new computers next to the latest update of the iPhone and reports claims

Apple is launching two new computers according to a new report alongside the upcoming release of its new iPhones.

The company could update almost every device this fall when the new Bloomberg report comes out. In addition to the expected new versions of the iPhone and iPad, the company will also release a cheaper laptop and can finally update its Mac Mini, the small and separate computer that has been neglected for years largely in the line-up.

One of the new computers will be a cheaper laptop, intended to update the MacBook Air line. It looks like that laptop, but has thinner edges around the edges of the screen, which in turn will be a much more detailed screen that eventually performs in line with Apple's Retina Display screens.

And it also brings an update to the Mac Mini, which has not seen a new update for a couple of years, but is still a favorite among people who want a Mac for a media system or other applications. The new update will be specifically tailored to those users, although it may be more expensive than the existing and low-cost version.

Some parts of Apple's Mac line – including the Mac Mini and MacBook Air, as well as the Mac Pro – have been neglected in recent years, prompting criticism from Apple experts and the professionals who rely on their computers. But the company has committed to address at least some of those complaints and announced last year that it would renew its Mac Pro.

It is expected that Apple's October event will be crowned by not just one new iPhone, but three. One will be a relatively simple update of the iPhone X, leaving out some of the more expensive features – and a new premium phone will be added, perhaps the iPhone XI, which is available in a normal and a Plus version.

The event is expected to take place in September, with the startup of the phones a few weeks thereafter. It is not clear whether the new computers will be released at the same event or even at the same time, but Bloomberg reported that they should disappear within a few weeks of that event.

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