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A Apple shop in Amsterdam is temporarily closed after one iPad battery exploded and released harmful chemicals, the media reported.

The store was evacuated as a precautionary measure and three employees who reportedly had trouble breathing were treated.

"Because of the potentially released chemicals, the store is closed because firefighters work to ventilate the room and remove any harmful fumes," 9to5Mac reported on Sunday.

The staff immediately placed the iPad in a sand box and called the firefighters. It is unclear whether the tablet has burst into the flames.

Representative image. Thanks to Apple: Apple

Representative image. Thanks to Apple: Apple

"Although, unrelated to this battery explosion of an iPad, when Apple started its iPhone battery replacement program, we've seen a few more incidents like this in recent months.

"Apple stores in both Switzerland and Spain were evacuated with iPhone batteries after thermal events this year." Like today's incident, fortunately they have not seen any major injuries, but Apple employees have suffered minor burns, "the report added.

In the meantime an iPhone 6 exploded and went up in flames last week in a moving car in China, according to EEC Media.

A video was shot by a dash-cam that was installed in the vehicle, which showed that the woman in the video shouted after her phone was on fire in the moving car.

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