BMW i8 Roadster test: hybrid supercar hits the UK

The BMW i8 Roadster. That took a while to get out, right?
Indeed. Six years after the concept we finally drove an i8 summit in the UK. While we had moved abroad earlier, as we all know, Britain has its own specific taste of road use.
And with our insanely hot summer unraveling and beginning its descent into wet and miserable winter, we wanted to drive it while we still could. Every excuse and all that.
So, what's new?
A three-part folding fabric roof, to start with, vertically branching and piling up in speeds of up to 31 mph in just 15 seconds. It is also based on the updated i8 (there is also a redesigned Coupé), which means a 70 percent more energy-dense, 9.4kwh battery that in theory lets you run more often with the petrol engine turned off and speeds of 75mph for 33 miles in eDrive mode. In reality you get more than 25 miles before the three-cylinder engine goes into life.

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