FaZe Thiefs, Liquid Chap, Top Plays, Friday Fortnite Summer Skirmish Prize Money Bleker Report

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FaZe Thiefs and Liquid Chap scored 51 points on nate edge Nate Hill and FunkBomb (49 points) on Friday to win $ 43,800 in the North American edition of the Fortnite Summer Skirmish on day 1 of week 7.

LeFouBruiter and Skiiiite earned the $ 42,550 top price in the European region earlier Friday. Solary Kinstaar and Lunary Jbzzed ($ 33,250) finished second, while Teekzie and Lunary Xewer ($ 23,200) completed the top three in Group 1.

Week 7 is disputed under a format known as Big Bonus. The stars of Fortnite Battle Royale get a point for each elimination, five points for reaching at least eight eliminations as a team and five points for securing the Victory Royale.

The North American tournament started with an in-game event. Ninja and Dr. Lupo edited materials outside of Paradise Palms when a huge lightning strike resulted in the addition of a cube structure to the map, much to the surprise of two of the best streamers in the video game.

Let's take a look at the wild moment:

Thiefs and Chap built an important lead over the last four matches thanks to a series of high-kill performances. For the third consecutive week, the format rewarded players for aggressive gameplay that led to eliminations and provided more viewer-friendly performance.

In contrast, Liquid Poach and I & # 39; mTimTheTatMan were the only duo to win two of the five games in their respective region Friday, but they finished in ninth in the final NA-classification.

Nate Hill and FunkBomb had almost completed a massive rally in the last game of the day before leaving three eliminations behind, in short to secure the top position.

The European tournament contained much less high-elimination performances, allowing LeFouBriteur and Skiiiite to win by 30 points (21 fewer than the North American champions).

Here are some of the other highlights of the day:

Week 7 will roll on Saturday with the European event at 12 o'clock. ET and the North American tournament at 17:00 ET. It will again be disputed under the rules of the Big Bonus.

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