Fortnite 5.30 Patch update: new score Royale mode changes the formula

The latest Fortnite patch, v5.30, was launched this week on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile. It adds one of the most unique limited modes of Fortnite so far in Score Royale. Playground mode also gets an update and a new item, Rift-To-Go, comes to the world. You can read the full patch notes here. We spent some time with the new update and here are our thoughts:

Score Royale LTM is the biggest and most exciting change of Fortnite so far

All Fortnite Limited time modes have somehow distorted the trusted status of the last player, but Score Royale is the biggest change ever. The mode gives players a completely different purpose. Instead of fighting to stay alive, you go for the highest point total. You earn Points by collecting coins that are distributed throughout the card; opening boxes, ammunition boxes and Supply Lama & # 39; s; eat apples and mushrooms; and of course by eliminating enemies. The first to reach the target score of 2000 points is the winner. It is an intriguing change of pace, and one that forces you to reconsider some of the strategies that you may already know.

Collecting points quickly is essential. So immediately you have to make a big decision. You can fall straight away (do not forget to thank the driver first) to collect points, but that means you are faced with a war zone with like-minded players; if you are lucky and find a great weapon, you can clean up and start the game with a nice point advantage. But that is not easy. Another option is to wait and end up in a safer zone where your chances of dying in the first minute are much less. I had the most success later.

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Dropping later may be frustrating at first, because you may have 150 or more Points down before you hit the ground. But do not lose hope – the first wave of coins only comes a few minutes after the game. So while you might start the round a theoretical disadvantage by stopping later, you may well make up the difference by collecting unclaimed coins and opening undisputed crates. You still have to build smart and often, while your weapons skills will still make a difference in the battle. The most important change with Score Royale is that you always have to be on the run; that is the only way to win, and it makes the Fortnite experience completely different (and camp-free).

Another remarkable element of Score Royale is that there are more Lama's on the card and that the Storm circle at the start of matches is bigger and moves slower. Epic says that this should give players more time and opportunity to collect and collect points. In the late game phases, however, the Storm circle is closed more quickly. Score Royale is the biggest change to date in the Fortnite formula and it is fantastic to play the game in such a new way. I hope this mode stays in rotation for a while.

Some tips:

  • Eat apples and mushrooms as often as you see them. They only count for 10 points each, but it is a quick way to collect points.
  • Step into an ATK or shopping cart and zip through the hills to create coins faster than you can do on foot.

Playground LTM gets small changes:

Playground, the low-stress mode that effectively functions as a training ground, gets a few minor changes with the new update. There are now many more ATKs available for driving and driveways to zoom in to practice before the disaster challenges. There are also more Rifts on the map to help you practice skydiving on the battlefield. Practice makes perfect, and it is good to see that Epic continues to add to Playground to help players improve their skills.

Rift-to-go helps you escape (perhaps):

Just like the previously released Port-a-Fort item that automatically builds a fort for you, the Rift-to-Go item can be used to immediately launch you into a Rift. Just like when you encounter an Rift in the world, you are immediately teleported to heaven and you start a skydive. So you can step out of a firefight in a flash, but there is a trap: the Rift will stay open for 10 seconds, so the enemy you tried to escape could go on and sit in your tail. The Rift-to-Go item is Epic-level rarity, so you do not have to worry about the landscape being flooded by players who teleport in and out of the world.

The Rift-to-Go, such as the Port-a-Fort item and its vending machines, will probably be criticized because it contributes to Fortnite being too small for beginners in the eyes of some players. But I do not agree with that. Having one of these items in your inventory never guarantees a victory. Your skills on the sticks will (almost) always be decisive for your success or failure.

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