Galaxy F, Samsung & # 39; s first folding phone is coming soon tech

We've heard for years about Samsung's high-profile foldable phone. Apparently the foldable phone from Samsung, called Galaxy X aka Galaxy F, is delayed. But now Samsung has suggested that the long-awaited smartphone will soon be available and that the company will aggressively push the foldable phones.

At a press conference in the margins of the launch of Galaxy Note 9, Samsung CEO DJ Koh said the company "focuses on developing innovations that are truly accepted and loved by consumers" for the foldable phone. He also stressed that the company was planning to launch the device earlier than expected, because it "did not want to lose the first title in the world," Zdnet said.

Although the concept of foldable telephones has been around for about ten years, Samsung's DJ Koh in 2016 has for the first time recognized the company's interests in building telephones that can be folded in two. He also intimated that the telephone will not only be a concept, but will also touch the commercial market.

"We would not have started [the project] if it became a one-off event, "the CEO added.

Samsung was initially focused on launching the Galaxy F foldable phone in 2018, but reportedly postponed it until 2019. "We do not just want to sell a few of the phones, we want it to be mass-ready and on a technological level where people will say that it is a well-made phone ", said DJ Koh in September 2017.

The hurry of Samsung to launch the world's first folding phone comes in the midst of reports that Apple, Huawei and LG Electronics are also working on commercial folding devices. Apple has already applied for a patent for a device that can be folded like a paper. LG has also applied for a patent for a tablet-like screen that can be folded vertically. According to the patent, the foldable device of LG will be compact and fit into the pocket of a user shirt.

First published: 20 August 2018 14:57 IST

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