Has Huawei falsified this smartphone with a professional digital SLR camera?

Huawei found itself in hot water with regulatory agencies for advertising standards after it was apparently caught using a DSLR camera to make advertising shots that were supposedly made with the selfie camera of the Nova 3 smartphone.

In advertisements in the Middle East for the Nova 3 it is strongly implied – if not implicitly – that the image above is made with the camera on the front of the handset. However, a photo posted by a Reddit user seems to prove that the shot was taken and that the picture was taken with an advanced DSLR camera.

The male model even pretends to hold the phone in front of a lens that is handled by a professional photographer in the backstage image that appears online. Tut, tut.

Image: AbdullahSab3 (Reddit)

We often suspect that some companies are not at the same level here, but they do better than let Huawei know their tracks. To be honest, the open airbrush in the image should have been a dead giveaway, but we could understand whether the original was actually taken with the Nova 3.

You can see the commercial below, where the abusive snap goes through about half with:

Android Police (via The Verge) points out that this is not the first time that Huawei has become entangled in marketing material. The EXIF ​​data for a recording that was claimed to originate from the P9 revealed that it was taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III – a camera of £ 1,000. Elsewhere, the company was previously caught for photoshopping the edges of the P8 smartphone.

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Although there is no convincing explanation that this specific shot has been recorded with the Nova 3, consumers often use marketing material as a reference point for what they can expect from their smartphone.

If this is not entirely misleading, it is a bad faith move of a company that needs as much goodwill from the consumer as possible. Some governments in the West prefer that Huawei phones completely disappear from the constant concern about national security.

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