Inbox games: what was your best Black Friday bargain?

So Half-Life is 20! How does that happen?

This was a pioneering game in the way it told its story, as well as the atmosphere it created.

I remember seeing it running in GAME and being blown away by it. I had to play that game!

When I played it, it was everything I hoped for: tense, difficult, surprising. However, the platform action was terrible, the only weak point in a further masterly game.

I suspect that your younger readers might not realize how high this game is in the first person shooter genre.

If someone wants to give it a try, the entire Half-Life series is for sale at Steam, so available for a song!

I repeat it now, it took about two minutes to download and install, causing me to chuckle.
If you can not handle the old graphics, then there is always the Black Mesa version, but they are still working on the final stages.

I can not believe it is 20! I feel old …

Come on valve, give us closure and make one last half-life!
The Dude Abides

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